My research articles are published in high ranking international journals. Below you can find them listed in categories regarding the extreme habitats. Clicking on the links will redirect you to the websites of the articles where you can download them. Most of my articles have open access.

The forgotten World of Stones and Camanchaca:

the Atacama Desert

Jung, P., Mikhailyuk, T., Emrich, D., Baumann, K., Dultz, S. & Büdel, B (2020): Shifting Boundaries: Ecological and Geographical Range extension Based on Three New Species in the Cyanobacterial Genera Cyanocohniella, Oculatella and Aliterella. Journal of Phycology.

Joseph, R. G., Graham, L., Büdel, B., Jung, P., Kidron, G. J., Latif, K., ... & Consorti, L. (2020). Mars: Algae, Lichens, Fossils, Minerals, Microbial Mats, and Stromatolites in Gale Crater. Journal of Astrobiology and Space Science Reviews, 3(1), 40-111.

Jung, P., Baumann, K., Lehnert, L. W., … Büdel, B. (2020). Desert breath—How fog promotes a novel type of soil biocenosis, forming the coastal Atacama Desert’s living skin. Geobiology; cover image Issue Jan 2020

Jung, P., Emrich, D., Briegel‐Williams, L., Schermer, M., Weber, L., Baumann, K., ... & Bendix, J. (2019). Ecophysiology and phylogeny of new terricolous and epiphytic chlorolichens in a fog oasis of the Atacama Desert. MicrobiologyOpen, e894.

Jung, P., Schermer, M., Baumann, K., … Büdel, B. (2019). Water availability shapes edaphic and lithic cyanobacterial communities in the Atacama Desert. Journal of Phycology.

Bernhard, N., Moskwa, L. M., Schmidt, K., Oeser, R. A., Aburto, F., Bader, M. Y., Jung, P. ... & Brucker, E. (2018). Pedogenic and microbial interrelations to regional climate and local topography: New insights from a climate gradient (arid to humid) along the Coastal Cordillera of Chile. Catena, 170, 335-355.

Lehnert, L. W., Thies, B., Trachte, K., Achilles, S., Osses, P., Baumann, K., Jung, P. ... & Karsten, U. (2018). A Case Study on Fog/Low Stratus Occurrence at Las Lomitas, Atacama Desert (Chile) as a Water Source for Biological Soil Crusts. Aerosol Air Qual. Res, 18, 254-269.

Lehnert, L. W., Jung, P., Obermeier, W. A., Büdel, B., & Bendix, J. (2018). Estimating Net Photosynthesis of Biological Soil Crusts in the Atacama Using Hyperspectral Remote Sensing. Remote Sensing, 10(6).

Baumann, K., Jung, P., Samolov, E., Lehnert, L. W., Büdel, B., Karsten, U., ... & Oses, R. (2018). Biological soil crusts along a climatic gradient in Chile: richness and imprints of phototrophic microorganisms in phosphorus biogeochemical cycling. Soil Biology and Biochemistry, 127, 286-300.

Where Ice rules: Arctic, Antarctica and European Alps

Kanz, B., Büdel, B., Jung, P., Karsten, U., & Printzen, C. (2020). Leben zwischen Eis und Felsen. Biologie in unserer Zeit, 50(2), 122-133.

Jung, P., Briegel-Williams, L., Simon, A., Thyssen, A., & Büdel, B. (2018) Uncovering biological soil crusts: carbon content and structure of intact Arctic Antarctic and alpine biological soil crusts. Biogeosciences, 15(4):1149–1160, feb 2018. doi: 10.5194/bg-15-1149-2018. 

Jung, P., Briegel‐Williams, L., Schermer, M., & Büdel, B. (2019). Strong in combination: Polyphasic approach enhances arguments for cold‐assigned cyanobacterial endemism. MicrobiologyOpen, 8(5), e00729.

Rippin, M., Borchhardt, N., Williams, L., Colesie, C., Jung, P., Büdel, B., ... & Becker, B. (2018). Genus richness of microalgae and Cyanobacteria in biological soil crusts from Svalbard and Livingston Island: morphological versus molecular approaches. Polar Biology, 41(5), 909-923.

Williams, L., Jung, P., Zheng, L. J., Maier, S., Peer, T., Grube, M., ... & Büdel, B. (2018). Assessing recovery of biological soil crusts across a latitudinal gradient in Western Europe. Restoration Ecology, 26(3), 543-554.


Currently I am working on several projects that will lead to publications.

-Description of three new cyanobacterial species of the genera Aliterella, Cyanocohniella and Oculatella.

-Detecting carbonatization induced by cyanobacteria from algal beach mats of Schierrmonnikoog Island.

-Description of a bio-weathering scenario mediated by lichens, fungi, cyanobacteria and green algae in the Atacama Desert.

-Meta-barcoding of a cryptogamic ground cover in the Atacama Desert made of lichens, algae and cyanobacteria.



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