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International Network for CyanoBionts

We are INCb

The research initiative INCb (International Network for CyanoBionts) was started by Dr. Patrick Jung and will be supported by Dr. Laura Briegel-Williams based on an internal ‘kickstarter’ grant from the University of Applied Sciences, Kaiserslautern Germany. The project aims to understand the diversity of mainly unicellular cyanobacteria which live in symbiosis with lichens – an aspect of research on cyanobacteria in general that has been neglected and underestimated for decades.


INCb represents an open consortium of international researchers that bridge between lichenology (science on lichens) and phycology (science on algae). The idea is to connect experts of their field in order to understand the nature of unicellular cyanobionts based on various sets of methods including the isolation of cyanobionts, phylogenetic analysis of those and their lichen hosts.


The joint work of INCb, led by the University of Applied Sciences Kaiserslautern, spans across borders, research fields and ecosystems. It will set a baseline that opens new opportunities for future funding and collaboration in order to grow and establish in the long term.






INCb will organize meetings on a regular base, communicate new developments transparently via this page, is open for contributors and jointly will work out a strategy for ongoing research projects.


We will share lichen specimens, cyanobacterial isolates, data and resources.

Contributors will be listed here with their names and institutions.

A regular newsletter will update all members.

You want to be a collaborator?

Add your name, e-mail address and institution and we will add you to the project as outlined below.

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Thanks for your interest!


Patrick Jung, University of Applied Life Sciences Kaiserslautern, Germany

Laura Briegel-Williams, University of Applied Life Sciences Kaiserslautern, Germany

Michael Lakatos, University of Applied Life Sciences Kaiserslautern, Germany

Manuel Luis Gil González, Lichenologist, Canary Islands

Petr Dvorak, Palacký University Olomouc, Czech Republic

Martin Grube, University of Graz, Austria

Nicole Pietrasiak, University of Las Vegas, USA

Dennis Nürnberg, Free University Berlin, Germany

Jan Kaštovský, University of South Bohemia, Czech Republic

Maike Lorenz, SAG Göttingen, Germany

Ulf Schiefelbein, Lichenologist, Germany

Jan Mareš, Biology Centre of the Czech Academy of Sciences, Czech Republic

Võ Thị Phi Giao, Vietnam National University -Hochiminh City, Vietnam

Paul Whelan, Lichenologist, Ireland

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