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Keeping Connected

Non-Scientific articles, comics, posters, talks and much more are a great way to communicate science. The links will guide you to the arcticles.

Report: School class visiting our lab


Talk: Crustweathering: how microbes bite the dust. Invited speaker at EarthShape final closing meeting 2022, Obergurgl, Austria

Talk: Opening the gap: Unexpected cyanobiont diversity in cyanolichens. 22nd Symposium of the IAC 2022 in Budweis, Czech Republic

Poster: Dark Matter: Cyanobacteria of the Cave Environment and their Special Traits. 22nd Symposium of the IAC 2022 in Budweis, Czech Republic

Spanish Report: article about our work on cyanobacteria from cave environments in Cantabria, Spain

Magazine 370°: short narrative about my expedition to the Atacama Desert in Feb 2022 


Article: Deutsche Gesellschaft für Mykologie eV. Algen und Pilze in der Atacama Wüste


New Project: Waste2Value - Mikroorganismen verändern die Westpfalz


New Project: Joint Genome Institute about or collaboration with University of Düsseldorf, Germany.


Press: University of Applied Sciences Kaiserslautern about our bioweathering-scenario from the Atcama Desert


Press: Scinexx featured my research article Verborgenes Leben im Wüstenkies


Press: Science Newsfeed featured my research article: A newly found Atacama Desert soil community survives on sips of fog

Press: University of Applied Sciences Kaiserslautern about my start at the institution

Press: TU Kaiserslautern (German/English) about the grit crust in the Atacama Desert Mikrooorganismen bedecken ganze Landschaften

Video: Chilean TV news featured my research in the Atacama Desert: Descubren microorganismos en Pan de Azúcar que podrían sobrevivir en otros planetas

Press: Chilean article about our research in the Atacama Desert: Organismos descubiertos en el desierto de Atacama podrían servir para colonizar otros planetas

Press: Chilean newspaper for the Atacama region: Section I, Section II

Press: local Newspaper (Nahezeitung Birkenfeld), Article about my discovery of new lichens in the Atacama Desert, (contact me for full access)


Press: Unispectrum, online magazine of TU Kaiserslautern, Article about my trips to the Atacama Desert

Press: News Feed TU KaiserslauternArticle about a research paper on lichens from the Atacama Desert

Press: Der Standard, Newspaper; Article about a research paper on lichens from the Atacama Desert

Comic: Uncovering the Earth’s skin. Journal of Sketching Science. 2018

Talk: Catching Fog: how undiscovered cryptic life thrives on fog in the Atacama Desert. Young Research Symposium (2018), Fraunhofer Institute Kaiserslautern

 Poster: Lichen Diversity of the National Park Pan de Azucar, Chile (2019)

Poster: Ecophysiology & Structure: Epiphytic versus Crustose Lichens of

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