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Waste 2 Value - Microorganisms will change Western Rhineland-Palatinate

Recently, the German government opened a call where scientific institutes together with industrial partners can apply with projects that allow a science and technology transfer in order to strengthen the local industry.

For these reasons the University of Applied Sciences Kaiserslautern teamed up with the Prüf und Forschungsinstitut Pirmasens (PFI), the Zukunftsregion Westpfalz e.V. and local industrial partners around the former shoe manufacturing center Pirmasens and founded the project Waste2Value. During a first selection we got a funding for several months of project related research, communication with the industry and finally the prepratation of the proposal. I was part of this first phase where we provided workshops to bring all parnters together and to develop smaller projects that should be part of the overarching project.

Last week we were informed that the government decided to fund the whole project what means that the consortium will get up to 16 Mio € over 6 years.

Part of the Project that is called 'Waste2Value - Microorganisms change Western Rhineland-Palatinate' are technological advances out of science provided to the local industry such as fermenting dough from local bakeries by microorganism in order to harvest succinid acid. Other project pathways will use photosynthetic cyanobacteria that are grown in facade integratable bioreactors in order to haverst their biomass and secondary metabolites.

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