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Why starting a homepage?

Aktualisiert: 28. Juli 2019

Welcome! My name is Patrick Jung, I'm a 28 years old botanist from Kaiserslautern, Germany. I started this homepage shortly after receiving my phd in order to connect with colleagues and interested lay persons from across the globe because I like to share my work.

I conducted science at the Technical University of Kaiserslautern (TUK) in the department plant ecology and systematics. I worked on cyanobacteria, green algae and lichens from the most extreme habitats on our planet such as the poles and the Atacama Desert in Chile. By doing so I was driven by the question about how these microorganisms influence their environment from the micro-habitat to the landscape level. For this reason I acquired great skills in the taxonomy of these organisms from classical culture techniques and microscopy over to modern molecular sequencing and phylogenetic analyses. Finally, a lot of my results are published in international scientific journals written as little stories.

Me at a binocular stereoscope taking micrographs of cyanobacteria

I want to use this as a platform to share my research articles connected to background information. I, as the first author of the articles can provide these information because I developed the plans, visited the research site in nature, collected samples, analyzed them in the lab, evaluated the results, created the figures and graphs and wrote the manuscript. This means there is a lot more that can be said about the articles themselves.

Further, I'd like to get into contact with colleagues in my field for research collaborations, to expand my skills and find new research programs to which I can contribute with my expertise.

However, this page is not only about my scientific work, its also about my passion at the other site of botany - plants. I've got a great collection of plants and gardening is my root that keeps me on the ground what I'd like to share here too.

The cyanobacterium Nostoc releasing hormogonia

Since I like to share my knowledge I offer talks on my research or on specific botany related topics for which you can book me. It's also possible for me to give botanical excursions on various areas for up to twenty persons to make plants and science even more joyful for all of us. Please have a look at the booking page that is linked here as well.

To create great content its crucial for me to have access to a pretty good microscope which is not possible for me at the moment. I started Patreon to give people an opportunity to support me financially in order to buy a private microscopy that I can use independently from my home. It would make me really happy if you would support me there too!

As some final words of my very first blog post I want to mention that you can always contact me and I am happy about incoming messages. So please don't hesitate to write an email or follow me on Instagram and Patreon.

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